The EBE Journal — 2015

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EBE Journal Issue 1 2015The EBE Journal: Issue 1 — 2015


  • President’s Report – Joe Alvaro
  • EBE NSW News
  • Economics and Business News Bites - Compiled by Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore
  • Legal News Bites - Compiled by Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore
  • Case Study: Marketing at Skydive the Beach and Beyond - Courtney Butler, Assistant Chief Operating Officer
  • Active Reading in Business Studies - Patricia Smith, Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, North Sydney
  • The Impact of Income and Trade on the Environment - Dr Ying Liu, S P Jain School of Global Management
  • Nurturing entrepreneurship and financial literacy – The $20 Boss - Georgie Swan, Foundation for Young Australians
  • 20 Common Grammar & Spelling Errors in Student Written Responses - Joe Alvaro, Marist College North Shore
  • Excursion to Maitland Gaol – Reflection and Worksheet - Mandy-Jane Doyle, Brigidine College, St Ives
  • Experiential Learning in Stage 5 Commerce: Running a Business and Promoting & Selling - Glenn Walker, Knox Grammar School
  • Cornell Note Taking Applied To Business Studies & Commerce - Nick Gliddon, Knox Grammar School
  • A Greek Tragedy? - John Lodewijks, S P Jain School of Global Management
  • Australian International School Teacher Profile – Ms Carmen Fitzpatrick
  • ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 1, 2015 – Volatile markets make a tough Game - Amanda Mior, ASX Sharemarket Game Coordinator
  • Winner – Angus Wither, Wesley College, South Perth, WA 2014 Division 1 (Individual) Australasian CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

EBE Journal Issue 2 2015The EBE Journal: Issue 2 — 2015


  • President’s Report
  • EBE NSW News
  • Economics and Business News Bites - Joe Alvaro
  • Legal News Bites - Joe Alvaro
  • CommBank Teaching Awards 2015 - Bronwyn Hession
  • Improving extended response writing in Stage Five Commerce using ALARM - Nick Ward and Max Woods
  • Protection and its Impact on the Australian Automobile Industry - Duc Nguyen and Tony Stokes
  • ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 2 2015 - Amanda Mior
  • Song of the Headmaster: Then & Now - Barry Collier
  • An Overview of the State of the Australian Economy in 2015 - Dr Anthony Stokes and Dr Sarah Wright
  • The importance of enterprise skills to prepare students for the new work order - Georgie Swan
  • Maximise student performance by teaching students how to deliver quality self and peer feedback - Matthew Bookallil
  • Commerce Assessment Task – Personal Finance Topic and Investing Topic - Commerce Department, Knox Grammar School
  • How many students studied HSC Economics, HSC Business Studies and HSC Legal Studies in 2015? - Joe Alvaro
  • Report on EBE NSW Field Trip for Teachers – CHOICE Lab and Testing Facility Guided Tour - Christopher Sassine
  • President’s Report to the 2015 Economics and Business Educators NSW Annual General Meeting
  • Economics and Business Educators NSW Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2015

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