EBE NSW writes to NESA about unnecessary dash points in the Human Rights and Family topics in the Legal studies Syllabus

EBE NSW has written to NESA about the unnecessary dash point in the Human Rights topic in the Legal Studies Syllabus – 2. Promoting and enforcing human rights – the roles of:

– courts, tribunals and independent
– statutory authorities

See the letter here: Letter

We are pleased to announce that the unnecessary syllabus dot point referred to above has now been removed in the online version of the Legal Studies Syllabus (page 21): legal-studies-stage-6-syllabus-2009 (6).pdf

EBE NSW also wrote to NESA about another unnecessary dash point in the Family topic in the Legal Studies Syllabus – 2. Responses to problems in family relationships – the roles of:

– courts and dispute resolution
– methods

See the letter here: Letter

NESA has responded saying that the issue raised will be reviewed after the current cohort of students have completed the HSC course.

The problems raised above have potential to cause difficulties for a number of stakeholders, including Legal Studies teachers (especially beginning teachers and teachers teaching out of field) , Legal Studies students who use the syllabus to organise their notes, Legal Studies method lecturers and tutors at our universities , Legal Studies student teachers and Legal Studies textbook writers. EBE NSW believes these are important matters that are worthy to be raised to ensure quality teaching and learning in our Legal Studies classrooms in NSW and overseas in Australian International Schools.