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Bullseye Business Studies Poster

This poster shows occupations related to the learning area of Business Studies.

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Making the right choice in your Business Studies exam

View the video, “Make the right choice in your Business Studies exam“, presented by EBE NSW Vice-President Mai Ni Pham, where four tips for writing an extended response in Section IV of the NESA HSC Business Studies examination are discussed.

National Employment Standards

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 10 minimum employment entitlements that have to be provided to all employees.

SBS TV Program - "Small Business Secrets"

Small Business Secrets is a weekly SBS program shining a light on the small business owners and innovators playing a vital role in Australia’s economic growth. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 97% of Australian businesses, making them the backbone of the Australian economy. The program uses case studies to offer tips and insights into the roller-coaster of conceiving and running a small business.

Resource for your Business Studies or Commerce class? TV viewing homework for your students?

>> Episodes available online

>> “Small Business Secrets” classroom resources mapping great stories from the TV series to the Australian Economics and Business curriculum. The “Small Business Secrets” Teacher Notes are structured around ten short clips from the “Small Business Secrets” television series.  The Key Learning Area (KLA) covered by this resource is Economics and Business for Years 7 – 10 as set out in the Australian Curriculum. This resource also contains case studies and related activities for Years 11 and 12 that can be adapted to suit the various subjects offered to senior students in different states and territories. 

ABC TV Program - "The Business"

“The Business” is a TV program about the day’s business, finance and economic news, including the latest trends on Australian and international markets. The program analyses what is going on in the local and global economy and how it affects you.

  • 9:45pm (AEST) on ABC News Channel
  • 11:15pm on ABC main channel


Australian Taxation Office Education Zone

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a schools education program offers a range of resources to help you teach tax and learn about tax and superannuation.

Tax Super + You is a free online teaching resource that is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. It is a complete learning management system, which includes fun, animated, visual and interactive elements designed to appeal to students. Topics include:

  • an introduction to the tax and super systems
  • why you need a tax file number (TFN) and how to get one
  • preparing to enter the workforce or study
  • how to complete tax returns
  • an overview of business tax
  • an overview of superannuation.

You can also request an in-school presentation or interactive webinar. ATO staff can conduct free presentations for students and teachers on a range of tax and super topics.

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Video – “What is niche marketing and how to find your niche market”

>> View “What is niche marketing and how to find your niche market“, with useful examples.

Academic and Professional Speakers in Schools

Academics and professionals from Western Sydney University are available to speak in schools or to school groups free of charge. Many are leaders in their fields. This program gives teachers opportunities to extend and enhance their students’ learning and educational aspirations, whilst increasing their own knowledge.

Check out the register for information on each speaker’s area of expertise, sample topics, suggested audiences and estimated presentation times.

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>> To book a speaker download this form or book online

If you have any questions about the program, please email Do NOT contact the speakers directly. This helps Western Sydney University  effectively organise and track use of the register.

Free access to “Financial Times”

Free access to can help students be informed and confident on issues beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum. Universities and employers confirm that broader general knowledge helps the best candidates stand out. With the help of a panel of teachers,  guides readers to FT journalism that can enrich senior school education and help prepare students for successful careers.

>> See the promotional flyer here

>> Register your interest for free access to for 16-19 year old students and their teachers here.