EBE NSW Board of Directors

As a result of the elections held as part of the EBE NSW Annual General Meeting on 19 September 2022, the Board of Directors for 2023 are:

President: Mr Nicholas Ward

Vice President: Ms Cheryl Brennan 

Vice President: Ms Wendy Mockler – Giles 

Treasurer: Ms Tania White 

Director: Mr Andrew Athavle

Director: Mr Gavin Brennan 

Director: Ms Bernadette Carson

Director: Ms Roset Khair 

Director: Ms Carolyn Muir 

Director: Ms Mai Ni Pham 

Director: Mr Alex Symonds

Director: Ms Chantal Young (appointed by the board 19/6/23)

Shani Hartley resigned from the board on 19/9/2022.

The Board of Directors meets twice during each school term. If you have any questions and/or suggestions that you would like the Board to consider at their next meeting, please email admin@ebe.nsw.edu.au.