2017 EBE NSW Annual Conference Speaker Chris Anderson (Founder of Ecto Handplanes) on "Shark Tank" this Tuesday night on Channel 10

Chris Anderson as the founder of Ecto Handplanes, the bodysurfing business, recently presented an engaging discussion at the 2017 EBE NSW Annual Conference in July at UTS. As an award winning Australian-based interdisciplinary artist and designer, he spoke about innovation and how budding entrepreneurs can seek inspiration from a range of life experiences. Chris’ drive and ambition serve Is a powerful example of how our curriculum in Business Studies can connect to our students through people’s stories. 

Chris will appear in Tuesday’s episode (19 September 2017) of Shark Tank on Channel 10 (check your TV Guide for the time), where you can follow his journey with your class. Student engagement comes from relevant and authentic learning experiences, and Chris will deliver on this. Ecto Handplanes could be used as an engaging case study in Business Studies or Commerce. Watching Shark Tank this Tuesday will prove to be a good follow up  to Chris’ session at the 2017 EBE NSW Annual Conference.

If your’re a teacher it pays to learn what you can claim at tax time

The Australian Taxation Office has published a document titled,”If your’re a teacher it pays to learn what you can claim at tax time”. Read the document here.

Article about the 2016 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference

The article “Legals enthrall delegates at EBE NSW event” by Sarah Duggan – 1 February 2017 (about the 2016 EBE NSW Legal Update Conference) is available here.

Economics and Business Educators NSW wins 2014 ASIC MoneySmart Week Award

Money Smart Week Award

On 2 September 2014, EBE NSW President, Joe Alvaro, and EBE NSW  Director, Bronwyn Hession attended the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) MoneySmart 2014 Awards Presentation Dinner to accept a Highly Commended Award for EBE NSW in the Education category on behalf of the EBE NSW Board of Directors, staff and members. The MoneySmart Week Awards recognise the outstanding achievements in financial literacy across five categories, including education. EBE NSW is proud of its work in the area of financial literacy and it was an honour to receive this award.

The award citation and judges’ comments appear below:

Economics and Business Educators (EBE NSW) has been supporting secondary teachers of financial literacy and their students on an ongoing and sustained basis since its creation in 1968. EBE NSW specialises in providing classroom and syllabus focused professional development courses for teachers of financial literacy. Designed by practicing classroom teachers and academics, these courses encourage interaction between high quality stakeholders in financial literacy and teachers who are on the frontline, teaching financial literacy in classrooms. EBE NSW has designed, conducted and evaluated professional development events focusing on financial literacy over the years, including

  • 2014 EBE Annual Conference;
  • Revamping and Resourcing Commerce; and
  • The EBE Journal – Journal of the Economics and Business Educators NSW.

The EBE NSW has also been very active in advocating for the inclusion of financial literacy in the Australian Curriculum and engaging teachers with consultation processes. As financial literacy is given increased attention in the curriculum, EBE NSW will continue to design and implement effective professional development courses using the expertise and skills of its members and its connections with stakeholders in the financial literacy sector.

Judges Comment
The Judges highly commended Economics & Business Educators NSW for the great work they are doing, and the importance of their work in the community. They have been a key player for several decades and have made a major contribution to financial literacy. Economics & Business Educators NSW have played a vital role connecting the corporate and education sectors to reinvigorate secondary school subjects and hold a respected annual conference.

EBE NSW congratulates Wingham High School who was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in the education category and commends the excellent work the school is doing in the area of financial literacy. And congratulations to Enactus University of Western Australia who also won a Highly Commended Award in the education category.

>>  For more information about the awards, visit Award Year 2014 – MoneySmart Week.